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i-Mobilize LTD provides digital content distribution across all major mobile device platforms. Through its proprietary application development, publishing and distribution technology i-Mobilize provides its clients with fast, reliable, highly effective solutions for maximizing user adoption and optimizing digital content in today’s rapidly evolving mobile world.

  • Top Clients: Eckhart Tolle, Glenn Harrold, Sounds True, Gary Zukav, Denise Druce, Mind Motivations, Effective Learning Systems, TravelVideo.com
  • To Date: Over 2,000 Apps Created, 1,500+ on iTunes, 300+ for Google Play
  • Top Content: Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Travel, Business, and Entertainment
  • Developer for Eckhart Tolle’s Popular Evolution of Consciousness App (Eckhart Tolle ….#1 all-time best- selling author in Oprah’s Book Club, 8 million+ books sold, ranked #1 most spiritually influential person in the world by Watkins Review)
  • Developer for Renowned Hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold. His #1 App, developed by MRNJ, Relax and Sleep Well Mega App, has reached a rank of #1 in Lifestyle Grossing in over 50 countries and been downloaded over 2 million times. The Relax app continues today to be a top seller and recently ranked as the top sleep app of 2015 by Healthline.
  • Our Apps have reached #1 grossing in various countries and categories, and our top apps are downloaded in over 100+ countries daily.
  • 3.5+ Million App Downloads to-date, 4.9+ Million App Updates to-date.
  • 2.6+ Million dollars in App Sales to-date
  • 47+ Million iAd impressions served

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Established in 2009, i-Mobilize is an operating business of Metatron Inc., a diversified Internet holding company of businesses that transact through the Internet and mobile devices. Since its inception in 2003, Metatron has helped its operating companies to utilize technology to make people’s lives more productive and enjoyable in today’s connected world. For more information visit www.metatroninc.com.