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Key Highlights and Accomplishments of i-Mobilize:

    • Top Clients: Eckhart Tolle, Glenn Harrold, Sounds True, Gary Zukav, Denise Druce, Mind Motivations, Effective Learning Systems,
    • To Date: Over 2,000 Apps Created, 1,500+ on iTunes, 300+ for Google Play
    • Top Content: Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Travel, Business, and Entertainment
    • Developer for Eckhart Tolle’s Popular Evolution of Consciousness App (Eckhart Tolle ….#1 all-time best- selling author in Oprah’s Book Club, 8 million+ books sold, ranked #1 most spiritually influential person in the world by Watkins Review)
    • Developer for Renowned Hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold. His #1 App, developed by MRNJ, Relax and Sleep Well Mega App, has reached a rank of #1 in Lifestyle Grossing in over 50 countries and been downloaded over 2 million times. The Relax app continues today to be a top seller and recently ranked as the top sleep app of 2015 by Healthline.
    • Our Apps have reached #1 grossing in various countries and categories, and our top apps are downloaded in over 100+ countries daily.
    • 3.5+ Million App Downloads to-date, 4.9+ Million App Updates to-date.
    • 2.6+ Million dollars in App Sales to-date
    • 47+ Million iAd impressions served

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